[Ontbirds] York Region and Mid-West Sightings

Kristen Martyn kristen.martyn at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 22:02:22 EST 2012

Hello Everyone,

Today I had my first Red-wing Blackbird of the year in Vaughan.  I spotted
it along King Vaughan Road between Keele Street and Jane Street.  In
addition I also saw a few White-crowned Sparrows on the ground at some
local.  It seems spring is not far away.

I was in Indiana over the weekend for a few days and while I didn’t get the
chance to get out birding, driving through Michigan and Indiana Red-wing
Blackbirds and flocks of Grackles were a common sight, as were migrating
Sandhill Cranes.  In Indianapolis there were Song Sparrows singing on
territory and even one Leopard Frog already calling.  As Sandhill Cranes
have already been reported in Ontario I’m sure we are not far behind Indy.

For those who might be interested, I met a local birder in Indianapolis who
informed me about a recent sighting in Indiana.  A Hooded Crane has been
spotted in Indiana and Tennessee.  When he went to find the Hooded Crane he
was rewarded with a scope full of 3 crane species, the Hooded Crane, a few
Whopping Cranes and several Sandhill Cranes.  Needless to say the origin of
the bird is still being debated by various committees.  Here are links to a
couple of articles about the Hooded Crane.

   - http://blog.aba.org/2012/02/abarare-hooded-crane-indiana.html

Good birding!

Kristen Martyn, Natura Tours

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