[Ontbirds] Phoebes, song sparrows, and bald eagle in Grey County, 3/25/2012

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Wed Mar 28 08:01:03 EDT 2012


This weekend (3/25/2012) I saw eastern phoebes in Grey County, in Meaford
township. The phoebes were perched in trees, nearby a creek.

I also saw song sparrows, and a juvenile bald eagle at the Petrel Point
Nature Reserve, in Red Bay, north of Sauble Beach. The eagle flew overhead,
from south-west to north-east.
To get to Petrel Point: From Highway 6 turn west at the town of Mar on Red
Bay Road. Drive along Red Bay Road to its end at Huron road. Drive north on
Huron Road roughly three kilometres, then turn left (west) on Petrel Point
Road. Petrel Point Road divides the northern and southern halves of the
reserve. Please park only on the north side of the road.

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