[Ontbirds] [hamiltonbirds] Hamilton Naturalists Club Birding Report - Friday, March 30th, 2012

Paul & Anna-Marie Smith am.pd.smith at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 30 20:52:25 EDT 2012

So ... are we going to have Fish Crows or Black Vultures nesting in Ontario 

Is there a potential fund raising pool in this?


P.S. My vote's on the Fish Crows.

Paul D. Smith
West Flamborough (Hamilton), Ontario

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March 30th, 2012

> On Friday March 30th, 2012, this is the HNC Birding report:
> Wood Duck
> Blue-winged Teal
> Blue-winged Teal
> King Eider
> Hooded Merganser
> Ring-necked Pheasant
> Wild Turkey
> Common Loon
> Pied-billed Grebe
> Horned Grebe
> Red-necked Grebe
> Turkey Vulture
> Osprey
> Northern Harrier
> Sharp-shinned Hawk
> Northern Goshawk
> Red-shouldered Hawk
> Merlin
> Peregrine Falcon
> Sandhill Crane
> Virginia Rail
> Greater Yellowlegs
> Lesser Yellowlegs
> Wilson's Snipe
> Bonaparte's Gull
> Forster's Tern
> Northern Flicker
> Eastern Phoebe
> Northern Shrike
> Common Raven
> Purple Martin
> Tree Swallow
> Winter Wren
> Golden-crowned Kinglet
> Eastern Bluebird
> Hermit Thrush
> Yellow-rumped Warbler
> Eastern Towhee
> Field Sparrow
> Fox Sparrow
> Lapland Longspur
> Pine Siskin
> It's been another good week for birders here in the Hamilton Study Area 
> with
> more migrants filtering in and another sighting of FISH CROW for the area.
> Yesterday, two FISH CROWS were seen over the University of Guelph south
> residences with one of the birds being seen again today.  Clearly this
> species is expanding or on an invasion year in the area.  Lesson learned:
> Look at all Crows and listen to their call!
> The Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch was slow but steady this week with the 
> first
> Osprey being recorded early in the week.  Another Osprey was seen at Fifty
> Point Conservation Area.  Today Osprey sightings came from Valley Inn and 
> at
> the Golf Driving Range near Plains Road sitting on a pole with its catch.
> Other raptors seen at the Hawkwatch this week include more Turkey Vultures
> (in steady numbers), Northern Harrier, Sharp-shinned, Red-shouldered and
> Red-tailed Hawk, Northern Goshawk and Merlin. Common Loon, Eastern Phoebe,
> Purple Martin, Northern Flickers (25 in one morning), Golden-crowned 
> Kinglet
> and Fox Sparrow were also recorded during the watch.
> Nearby in Saltfleet last weekend, highlights consisted of a Peregrine 
> Falcon
> flyby, Wilson's Snipe on territory, Northern Shrike, a singing Field 
> Sparrow
> and 33 Lapland Longspurs Flying over on 10th Road East. Later in the week 
> a
> Ring-necked Pheasant was seen between 8th and 10th Road east on the 
> Dofasco
> Trail.  Two Pied-billed Grebes were in the Quarry Pond on Green Mountain
> Road. At the flooded fields seen from Ridge Road between 8th and 10th 
> Road,
> Green-winged Teal, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs were birds of note. An
> Eastern Phoebe and a Savannah Sparrow were found on 8th Road East north of
> Green Mountain.  Wild Turkeys were seen near the Ridge Road Estate Winery.
> On 5th Road East a decent total of 21 Wilson's Snipe were present in the
> fields between Powerline and Green Mountain Road.  Another flock of Wild
> Turkey were seen here too.
> A record early Forster's Tern made and appearance at LaSalle Marina on
> Tuesday.  This bird was seen later in the day off Princess Point.  The 
> bird
> was seen again Thursday at the Valley Inn with two Bonaparte's Gulls and
> later on what was the same photographed bird ended up at LaSalle Marina.
> Down at LaSalle the King Eider continues to be present as of today and can
> be well seen sleeping on the beach.  Other birds noted here are 
> Pied-billed
> and Horned Grebe and a Hermit Thrush.
> Another early record this week was Virginia Rail with two heard along the
> south shore of Cootes Paradise and another in the Dundas Marsh.  Other 
> birds
> seen along the south shore include Tree Swallows, Golden-crowned Kinglet,
> Brown Creeper, Winter Wren and Hermit Thrush.  Birds seen in the Dundas
> Marsh include Wood Duck, Green-winged and Blue-winged Teal and 
> Yellow-rumped
> Warbler.
> Down in Brantford at the west end of the Hamilton Study Area on the S.C.
> Johnson trail from Wilkes Dam to Hardy Road, Tree Swallow, Eastern Phoebe,
> Eastern Bluebird, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Eastern Towhee and Pine Siskins
> were highlights.
> Today at the RBG property known as Lamb's Hollow off Unsworth Ave in
> Burlington, Wood Duck, Hooded Merganser, Eastern Phoebe, Tree Swallow 
> (over
> 50), Golden-crowned Kinglet and Fox Sparrow were noted.
> In the odds and sods, Sandhill Cranes were calling from the marsh behind 
> the
> houses at Deer Run Court near Brantford.  Purple Martins made an early
> appearance in several places beside the Hawkwatch.  Birds were seen over
> south Guelph at Scottsdale and Stone Road area, another seen in west
> Oakville at Rebecca and 4th Line.  This ties the record early date for 
> this
> species.  A Common Raven was seen over Millgrove Road at Concession 5 West
> in Flamborough. Two to three hundred Pine Siskins were seen from March 
> 24 -
> March 27th at the Crieff Bog in north Flamborough.
> As I look out my window, the snow flies!  It will be interesting to see 
> how
> these early migrants fare in the cold temps and snow.  Keep your feeders
> stocked and ready, the birds might just need the extra boost.
> Cheryl Edgecombe
> HNC.
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