[Ontbirds] Golden-crowned Kinglet, Bowmanville

charlie hastings chuckhas at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 07:22:15 EDT 2012

Yesterday I saw 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets at Darlarington Trails near
Coot's Pond. Also there were several Ring-necked Ducks, the usual
Buffleheads and a pair of nesting Mute Swans.
The Swans have returned for several years but have never mated
successfully. Maybe this year.

1. From the West on 401:
Take exit 428 toward Holt Road
Turn Right onto S. Service Road
Take the first left onto Park Road

2. From the East on 401
Take the Waverly Road Exit
Turn Left on Waverly Road
Turn Right onto S. Service Road
Turn Left onto Park Road

3. On Park Road go to the second parking lot on the right.
Walk to the trail from the parking lot and turn left on the trail toward
the pond.
The Kinglets were seen opposite the pond at the East end of the pond.

Charlie Hastings

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