[Ontbirds] Hooded & Golden-winged Warblers at West Deane Park

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Sun May 13 08:32:14 EDT 2012

Wilson's, Orange-crowned and Canada also were among 16 warbler species seen first thing this morning in the span of an hour and a half. Very little activity and singing until the showers started earlier this morning. Not a great deal of absolute numbers but decent variety. The indigo buntings and scarlet tanagers have arrived as has at least one Orchard Oriole among the Baltimores. The Golden-Winged and Wilson's were travelling with a mixed flock of warblers along the north (right) path when you cross the bridge over the creek from the parking lot, while the Hooded was in the thicker forest along the south (left) path when you cross the bridge. The orange-crowned was at the top of the hill amidst some low undergrowth and evergreens at the very top of the hill if you walk straight ahead after crossing the bridge. 

West Deane park is in Etobicoke on the west side of Martin Grove Road, just north of the intersection of Rathburn and Martin Grove. 

David Pryor

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