[Ontbirds] Northern Bobwhite in Exeter, Huron County

Rick Thornton rickthor at sympatico.ca
Wed May 30 20:45:01 EDT 2012

Good Evening, Folks...
While snoozing in front of the Blue Jay's on tv this evening, I was called
to the door by a neighbour to come look at the 'quail' in their yard. Turns
out it was a beautiful male Northern Bobwhite. It was peacefully scratching
in the wood chip mulch by the house, for bugs, and barely bothered by the
gaggle of neighbourhood street urchins. There were no bands on the legs. (of
the Bobwhite, not the kids).
Last viewed between houses 64 and 70 on the north side of Huron St W, first
street with traffic lights driving into town from the south. Exeter is on
Highway 4 about 30 miles north of London.
Well worth waking up from a snooze for...
Good Birding, 
Rick Thornton, Exeter

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