[Ontbirds] Acadian Flycatcher & Hooded Warbler @ Happy Valley Forest

Dave Worthington worth158 at rogers.com
Thu May 31 13:38:36 EDT 2012

This morning while hiking around Happy Valley Forest amongst the more common species I saw 2 Acadian Flycatchers & 2 Hooded Warblers (1 seen & 1 heard only). The first ACFL, perched in a small tree above the path, was a few minute walk along the path from the entrance and the second was ~200m further along this path. This area is where they have been reported the last couple of years. The HOWA I heard calling was a short distance from the entrance and the other was up the hill from the parking lot. 
Dave Worthington
Directions: Hwy 400 north to King Sideroad, west to Sideroad 7 and then north until this road comes to a T.  Turn right and follow this road until it ends at a barricade blocking the road. Walk down the hill to the parking lot a the entrance is on your left behing the sign. The HOWA was seen at the top of the hill on the left if you go straight ahead from the parking lot.

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