[Ontbirds] Scugog twp - a question anda Canada Warbler

Geoff Carpentier geoff.carpentier at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 09:11:59 EDT 2012

There was lots of activity in the yard today as fledged birds and relieved parents are on the move. The most significant was a juvenile Canada Warbler - the first for the yard and the fall. Yesterday the first Bobolink "pinked
 over the house on its way south.

A question - we have several House Wrens in the neighborhood which naturally sing unabated all day. One male starts his song with a non-musical intro - hard to describe - sort of two notes of a raspy "wren-like" quality -similar to their scolding notes. Periodically it will do several perfect "fitz bews" just before it sings its typical musical song. Has anyone had any experience with this? This is the first time I've ever noticed them doing the "fitz-bew" intro. to their song. It has done it periodically over the last 3 weeks but never more than a few times and always separated by several days. Maybe he's just a wannbe flycatcher! Pls email me privately if you have had such an experience.


These sightings are near Lakeridge and Reach Rds in Scugog Twp.

Geoff Carpentier

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