[Ontbirds] phoebe, cuckoo and warbler Honey Harbour/Beausoleil Isl and sightings

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I had a comment that praised my listing as a stunning list.

I appreciate the compliment, but the comment got me thinking. After
searching Google images, the worm's eye view of the "common yellowthroat"
was in fact an American goldfinch.
All the other listings I'm still positive about.

Noah Cole
Don Mills


I went to visit Beausoleil Island on Saturday.

Before I arrived at Beausoleil, I saw an eastern phoebe and a black-billed
cuckoo by Grises Road at approximately 9AM.
I also saw a white-throated sparrow, a common yellowthroat, and
black-and-white warblers approximately 15 meters down the path at the end
of the top level parking lot at the Beausoleil docks property at 10:30 AM.

On Beausoleil Island, from the earliest 11AM ferry onward, I saw
yellow-rumped warblers and black-and-white warblers at 2PM along the
Cambrian Trail. I also saw crows, grouse and turkey vultures earlier on in
the day.

Access to Beausoleil Island can be booked with the DayTripper - a boat
shuttle service provided by Parks Canada.   From Highway 400, take Exit 156
to the Port Severn/Honey Harbour Exit. Turn west and proceed to Honey
Harbour from Honey Harbour Rd.

Noah Cole
Don Mills

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