[Ontbirds] 'Suspected' Kelp Gull searching

Andrew Keaveney uofgtwitcher at msn.com
Mon Sep 10 20:21:03 EDT 2012

Well no reports this evening to my knowledge.

Birders checked Erieau this afternoon and evening. I left the scene at Wheatley around 5:30 to look elsewhere. I tried Leamington, Kingsville and Cedar Creek marinas/harbors as well as points in between.

15 adult Black-backs were on the sand dunes in the lake between Kingsville and Cedar Creek.

I have just finished at the tip of Point Pelee. I counted no less than 17 adult Black-backs but could only identify a few of them for certain due to the fading light. This could be where it is for the night... The large gulls are all out on the 'newly' formed island south of the tip, with most of the black-backeds on the south point of that. This requires a scope, to be sure.

Just a couple black-backeds made an appearance at Wheatley while I was there as well as at least 1 adult Lesser Black-backed that eventually flew by us heading west towards Hillman Marsh.

Hope to still see some folks looking tomorrow.


Directions: all points mentioned were west of Leamington, along the Lakeshore. Cedar Creek is perhaps a 20min. drive and is the furthest west point I looked.

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