[Ontbirds] - Toronto Islands - Connecticut Warbler, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, etc.

Norm Murr normurr at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 19 18:23:04 EDT 2012

Today Ian Cannell and I birded Ward’s and Algonquin Islands and as expected there was a marked increase in migrant birds, species and numbers.

The Islands at this time of year and especially during the week has few visitors before noon and almost never any other birders (birders are a rarity over there) trying to steal our birds :>)).

Following are some of the birds we did find including the 2 subject birds.

Canvasback, 6 migrating raptor species including Osprey and Turkey Vultures, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, R-T Hummingbirds, many N. Flickers, E. Wood-Pewees, Willow and Least Flycatchers, Eastern Phoebes, 1000+ Blue Jays, Red-breasted and White-breasted Nuthatches, Carolina, House and Winter Wrens, R-C Kinglets, Swainson’s Thrushes, Brown Thrasher, Gray Catbirds, Philadelphia and Red-eyed Vireos, 16 warblers species including 7 Northern Parulas, 3 very late Yellow Warblers, 150+ Yellow-rumped Warblers, Pine, Palm, Bay-breasted and Blackpoll Warblers, Connecticut Warbler and Wilson’s Warblers plus 25+ White-throated Sparrows.

Note:- If you want to learn more about birding on the Toronto Islands you can access my Toronto Islands Birding And Site Guide on the OFO web site at - 


There is also a free downloadable PDF copy at that site.
Toronto Islands – Fall Schedule

Fare:- Adults $7:00 - Seniors / Students – $4.50


If you are on the subway southbound get off at the TTC’s Union Subway Station, walk south on bay Street (on the east side of the station) for about 1 km to the ferry docks at the foot of Bay Street at Queen’s Quay and you are there. The entrance to the ferry docks (well signed) is on the west side of the Weston Harbour Castle Hotel.

To get to the Toronto Islands from the TTC’s Union Subway Station on the TTC you may transfer to the #6 or the #6A Bay Street TTC bus just outside of the east entrance to the GO Station. They both go down Bay Street to Queen’s Quay. Go passengers arriving by bus or train must pay a fare to use the bus or streetcar *.

* When running there is a street car (#509 Harbourfront) that goes from inside the Union Subway Station to Queen’s Quay (no transfer required).
For those who choose to head down to the docks on a Sunday before the subway opens at 9 am you can take the 97B Yonge Street Blue night bus (Steeles Ave. to Queen’s Quay) only steps from the ferry docks entrance.

You may also want to visit the TTC web page at  http://www.ttc.ca/  for trip planning assistance.

If in an auto on the Gardener Expressway or Lakeshore Blvd, then exit at Bay Street and drive south to Queen’s Quay. Be aware that there is a very limited number of parking lots close to the docks. One of these (fee) is one block north of Queen’s Quay on Bay Street. As far as I know there is no parking allowed on any of the streets very near to the docks. 

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