[Ontbirds] Cranberry Marsh Hawk Watch- October 1

Rayfield Pye raypye at interlinks.net
Mon Oct 1 18:37:34 EDT 2012

Cranberry Marsh Hawk Watch
Whitby, Ontario
Monday, October 1

Turkey Vulture- 142
Bald Eagle- 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk- 15
Red-tailed Hawk- 5
American Kestrel- 2

Total- 166

Total observation time- 5  hours

Official Counters:  Jim McKnight and Les Sayer

Observers: D Kaczynski, C Adey, R Harris, and J Stirrat

Weather: light winds from the west

Other birds: Great Egret- 29 (wing tags- 1 orange and 1 green),
Fox Sparrow-2, Blue-headed Vireo-1, Common Raven- 1, 
Surf Scoter-1, Lesser Scaup- 5, and Horned Grebe

Monarch migration- not counted

Directions: From Victoria St in Whitby go south on Halls Rd to the second
short walkway going east to the Cranberry Marsh Lookout.

Hawkwatching Guide (ID tips, migration times, hawk basics)

Rayfield Pye

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