[Ontbirds] Le Conte's Sparrow - Heritage Pond, Guelph

Brett Fried fried_632 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 2 17:46:14 EDT 2012

Today around 3pm I heard and saw a LCSP in the weedy/ goldenrod area at the very east end of Heritage Pond. The LCSP was calling infrequently and even sang once. It was very stulky and tough to see!!!  But after a few minutes of searching I located the bird.

David Bell who later searched for the bird just sent a message saying that the LCSP was in that general area (the willows/cattails along the lake edge) when he left at 4:50ish. He had mentioned it was calling every now and then (not singing though). Very hard to see!

If you turn east onto the 34 from Hwy 6(Guelph), there is a new subdivision on the right - pull in there and just park on the road somewhere. Follow the trail east from the subdivision along the lake and you'll end up in the weedy goldenrod field at the very east end. 


Brett Fried
Guelph, Ontario
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