[Ontbirds] Cranberry Marsh Hawk Watch - 2 Oct 2012

Jean Iron jeaniron at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 3 09:24:05 EDT 2012

Report for Tuesday 2 October 2012. Very few hawks because of unfavourable
winds for migration.

Turkey Vulture: 15 migrants plus 4 probable locals

Bald Eagle: 1 probable third year bird at 12:20 EST

Osprey: 1 

Northern Harrier: 1 migrant plus 4 local juveniles 

Sharp-shinned Hawk: 6

Cooper's Hawk: 1 

Red-tailed Hawk: 1 migrant plus 3 probable locals 

American Kestrel: 2

Merlin: 1

Totals: 9 species and 29 individuals

Other Birds: 57 species. Best bird was a CONNECTICUT WARBLER photographed by
Rosemary Harris in weedy growth beside the lookout. Ron and I examined the
photo showing the hood and full wide eye-ring. Rosemary also photographed an
Orange-crowned Warbler at the same spot. Common Raven 1 (seen and heard
well). Rusty Blackbird, an estimated 446 migrating during the 6 hour watch.
Greater Yellowlegs 4. Wilson's Snipe 4. Great Egret 30 (1 orange and 1 green
wing tag). Black-crowned Night-Heron 5. Fox Sparrow 1. American Bittern 1.
American Pipit 68. Tree Swallow 2. Pine Siskin 2. Numerous waterfowl easily
viewed in the open marsh.

Counter: Jean Iron

Observers: Ron Pittaway, Rosemary Harris, Doug Lockrey, Alan Woods

Time: 8:00 to 2:00 EST

Weather: Day warmed to 22 C, mostly clear sky from 11 a.m. into the
afternoon. Very light north wind changing to moderate south off Lake Ontario
in late morning.

Directions: From Victoria St in Whitby go south on Halls Rd to the second
short walkway going east to the Cranberry Marsh Lookout. 

Hawkwatching Guide (ID tips, migration times, hawk basics) 

Jean Iron
Toronto, Ontario

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