[Ontbirds] Western Grebe remaining on Ottawa River, west end of Ottawa

Nicholas von Maltzahn nvmottawa at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 17 11:32:08 EDT 2012

The Western Grebe reported yesterday by Jean Dubois remained this morning (ca. 9:00am - ) on the Ottawa River, between the Champlain Bridge and the Deschenes Rapids.   It has for the most part favoured the Quebec shore, so most visible at the river vantage across from Ch. Rivermead and from the boat launch just below the Deschenes Rapids.  

Chances are that the Western Grebe is from time to time visible from Britannia Point (below the filtration plant) and perhaps from the Deschenes Lookout off the parkway.

-- Nick von Maltzahn


Directions: for the Rivermead vantage, cross Champlain Bridge into Quebec, take first left at lights onto Lucerne, keep your eyes peeled for the Rivermead sign, pull into the pull-off area on the river side of the road.  Follow the bike path to the west before turning left to the observation spot. 

Or also (courtesy of NeilyWorld):  From Boulevard des 
Allumettières or Highway 148, take the Chemin Vanier exit. Turn left or 
south onto Vanier and go 0.3 km to Chemin McConnell. Turn left or east 
on McConnell and proceed 1.1 km to Chemin Rivermead. Turn right and 
follow Rivermead south for 2.3 km to Boulevard de Lucerne. Turn right 
and go 0.1 km to a pulloff on the left. Turn left into the small parking
 area, where a blocked off dirt road goes down to the river, to bird the
 Rivermead area.

To Deschenes Lookout (as per Neilyworld): From Highway 417 (The 
Queensway) take exit 127 (Woodroffe Avenue). If travelling west, the 0.2
 km offramp dumps you right or north onto Woodroffe Avenue. If driving 
east, a 0.3 km offramp brings you to Woodroffe, where you will turn left
 or north and in 0.4 km join the westbound offramp traffic. Both groups 
will now follow Woodroffe Avenue north 0.4 km from here to Lenester 
Avenue. Turn right or east onto Lenester and go 0.2 km to Fairlawn 
Avenue. Turn left or north onto Fairlawn and go 0.4 km to Carling 
Avenue. Go straight north across Carling where Fairlawn becomes 
Woodroffe Avenue. Follow Woodroffe north for 1.2 km to the Ottawa River 
Parkway. Turn left or southwest onto the Parkway and go 0.3 km to the 
turnoff for the Deschênes Rapids Lookout. Turn right or north into the 
parking lot 		 	   		  

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