[Ontbirds] Nelson's Sparrow & Long-eared Owls at Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Toronto: 17 October 2012

Wayne Renaud waynerenaud1951 at aol.com
Wed Oct 17 18:12:52 EDT 2012

Well I took advantage of another nice fall day and did about 5 hours  
in the park today starting at 10:00 am with light rain showers ...  
with the bonanza of birds (60+ species).  The juvenile Nelson's  
Sparrow was feeding on the mudflat of the large pond with deck look  
out; on the se shoreline.  The three Long-eared Owls flush from the  
spruces located near the base of the second bay on east side of park;  
they looked like they landed in evergreens near marine headquarters  
but I searched later and could not find them.  Other major highlights  
were over 100+ warblers of six species include Blackpoll and Cape May  
and nine Fox Sparrows.  Today White-crowned out-numbered White- 
throated Sparrow and Golden-crowned Kinglets out-numbered Ruby-crowned  
Kinglets.  Shorebirds consisted on Greater Yellowlegs and seven  
Dunlin.  All the details of the rarer birds listed here have already  
been posted on e.bird.

Park (if there is room) at the free parking lot at the south terminus  
of Colonel Sam Smith Drive which runs south of Kipling Avenue south of  
Lakeshore Boulevard.

Wayne Renaud (289-828-0043)

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