[Ontbirds] Le Conte's and Nelson's Sparrow, Col. Sam Smith, TO

Amanda Guercio aguercio at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 11:57:19 EDT 2012

The field south of the dog run yielded 6 sparrow species this morning just
past 11:00 including a single LE CONTE'S that while too uncooperative for
photos did pause long enough to show off its crown stripe. This field also
produced an Eastern Meadowlark and Orange-crowned Warbler.

The NELSON'S SPARROW was in the small field with swallow boxes just north
of the marina and was slightly more cooperative. Two more meadowlarks were
also around but a Sharp-shinned Hawk is actively patrolling the area.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park is at the base of Kipling Avenue and readily
accessible by TTC with parking throughout.

Good birding,
Amanda Guercio

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