[Ontbirds] Corrections for Iroquois Shoreline

Mike Williamson mdw49 at sympatico.ca
Sun Oct 21 16:52:02 EDT 2012

Some how I managed to put totals under the wrong dates, I guess it's not a 
good idea to work from three separate data sheets.
 Bald Eagle should be under the Oct 21 count 13 Sharpies should be the 16th 
& 7 the 21st. OR/Shoulder 9 Oct. 16th 2 Oct. 21st OR/Tailed 44 Oct. 16th 3 
Oct. 21st A/Kestrel 1 Oct. 16th 0 Oct. 21st Peregrine 0 the 16th. 1 the 
Sorry for the messed up report, at least I got the season total correct.
Mike Williamson

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