[Ontbirds] Harlequin Ducks(3), Purple Sandpiper, Pomerine Jaeger, ++

Luc Fazio llukefazio at netscape.net
Sun Nov 4 23:11:14 EST 2012

While doing the Hamilton fall count, I had the pleasure of counting many good birds today (Nov. 4th), amongst them...

3 Harlequin Ducks ( 1 beautiful male & 2 female types) feeding with Am. Goldeneyes & Red-breasted Mergansers at Arkendo Rd south of Lakeshore & West of Winston Churchill { in Oakville}  Drive to closest point to Lake Ontario on Arkendo Rd., walk to lake, there view the lake easterly, past the mouth of Joshua Creek toward the St. Lawrence Cement pier. { a scope is needed }
  On the St. Lawrence Cement pier tower there were two Peregrine Falcons that usually go after the ducks!

1 Purple Sandpiper  was feeding near the mouth of Joshua Creek ( same directions as above) near where there is a "friendly" female Belted Kingfisher, 1 Carolina Wren & 2 Purple Finches.

1 Pomarine Jaeger ( dark Juvenile) came close to some Ring-billed & Herring Gulls and flew westerly (from east to west) near the mouth of 16th Mile Creek ( downtown Oakville at the lake, Take Navy St south of Lakeshore )

Enjoy the Harlequin ducks ( they should hang around)....the others who knows!


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