[Ontbirds] Barred Owl - Richmond Hill

Glenn Steplock nature_photography at rogers.com
Thu Nov 15 20:16:12 EST 2012

So sorry folks, I sent the message from my HP tablet and obviously there is a problem with WebOS...Body of the email was deleted.

7 PM on Highway 7 at the 404 Northbound Ramp.  Sitting on the road sign on the NORTH side of 7 just feet WEST of the exit.

Of interest and some concern:
I stopped in at the Toronto Wildlife Center in Downsview, if I heard the girl correctly, there are some 18 Owls in their pens at the moment.
This evening a friend sent me a photo taken by his mother at her Mississauga Home, it was a Long Eared Owl in the pine tree.
Bell Trinity Square (my office) attached to the Eaton Center, had a Barred Owl in the trees for a week as seen on CTV new, captured and relocated, presumably up at the Toronto Wildlife Center for observation.

Lots of Owls this fall, and I hope this guy hanging around Hwy 7 does not become another victim...

Glenn Steplock

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