[Ontbirds] White-winged Dove - Long Point - November 15

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Fri Nov 16 18:16:25 EST 2012

Ontario Birders,


After a busy day of shutting down the Long Point Bird Observatory Tip
Research Station for the season yesterday, Matt Slaymaker and I happened
upon a White-winged Dove happily feeding on the left over bird seed. The
bird appeared to be an adult, but it is difficult to tell this time of year,
especially for a vagrant. There is a photo embedded in my eBird checklist
available here - http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S12048032 . 


More information about the birds of Long Point and LPBO can be found at
www.birdscanada.org/lpbo. Your best source for information about the birds
and birding sites around Long Point can be found in A Birding Guide to the
Long Point Area by Ron Ridout available here
<http://www.birdscanada.org/shopping/shop.jsp> .


Data visualizations of LPBO data including migration windows, seasonal
checklists, and populations trends are available through NatureCounts.ca
<http://www.NatureCounts.ca>  here - www.birdscanada.org/birdmon . The
latest edition of the LPBO E-news, available here -
http://www.birdscanada.org/download/LPBOenews.pdf, features a summary of
spring/summer sightings from the region and a summary of the LPBO 2012
Birdathon which set a new Ontario Big Day record. 


Directions to Long Point are available here -


Good birding,





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