[Ontbirds] Gyrfalcon at Thickson Road, Whitby

Wayne Renaud waynerenaud1951 at aol.com
Sat Nov 17 18:22:48 EST 2012

While driving east on Victoria Road from Whitby Harbour, I saw a very  
large dark falcon flying low, and in a southerly direction, across an  
area of grass and scrub sw of the intersection of Victoria and  
Thickson Road.  It was carrying a large bird.  I turned south onto  
Thickson Road and followed it until landed on the nw corner of the  
industrial building on Thickson Road just se of the Railway tracks.   
After pulling into the parking lot was able to get a better look it as  
it fed on a Rock Pigeon.  Before I could get my camera out,  it  
flushed and flew south towards Thickson Woods.  I was about 80 feet  
from the bird with 15x Binoculars for about 2 minutes.  I was a very  
large dark falcon, with no obvious markings on the wings, back and  
sides of neck and head; striking white throat, short yellow bill and a  
heavily-streaked and blotched belly and underparts. The 'hood' was  
squared off at the neck, unlike the hood of the Peregrine Falcon. The  
size comparison with Rock Pigeon was marked ... half the size of the  
Falcon.  I spent over an hour looking around Thickson Woods without re- 
locating the falcon.

Thickson Road is clearly marked on Highway #401.

Wayne Renaud (289-848-0043)

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