[Ontbirds] Pacific Loon - East Lake, Prince Edward County

Josh Vandermeulen joshvandermeulen at live.ca
Sun Nov 18 17:16:45 EST 2012

This afternoon, I received a call from Tyler Hoar who had just found an apparent Pacific Loon at East Lake, near Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County. I was in the area so I met up with Tyler and he showed me the spot. 
Half an hour later I was finally able to relocate the bird. I was able to take some phone-scoped photos as it sat on the lake and preened. They can be viewed on my blog, http://joshvandermeulen.blogspot.ca/2012/11/pacific-loon.html
In the photos the bird appears to have white flanks, much like an Arctic Loon (no Ontario records). However, this was because it was preening, exposing the flanks. When it was at rest it looked like a typical Pacific Loon. 
Directions: From Picton, travel southwest on County Road 10. After 5.3 km, turn right onto County Road 11. After 8.3 km, turn left onto County Road 18. As you travel southeast on this road, East Lake will be on the left. There are several spots where you can view the lake along here.
Cheers,Josh Vandermeulen

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