[Ontbirds] Waterloo: Greater White-fronted Goose and others

Bradley Bloemendal bradbloemendal at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 19:49:06 EST 2012

Hello Birders,

Today I decided to spend the morning in Waterloo in search of the GREATER
WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE. I arrived at the Ira Needles and Victoria St ponds at
7:45 and found the GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE. It was associating with a
flock of 140 CANADA GOOSE. I stayed in the area until about 10:00 AM. At
8:26 the white fronted goose flew with some canada's to the north. I
continued to study a good numbers of gulls come into the area.
As I was looking through the flock of about 45 gulls, (majority HERRING
GULL) I found one that was smaller and different looking, I believe it is a
THAYER'S GULL, I have a photos if anyone would like to see it. The bird was
definately a juvenile, pale coloured bird, with short small black bill with
pramaries darker than the body colour, the primary tips did have pale
I came back to this location after checking Columbia Lake and the THAYER'S
GULL? Was not present.
other birds seen


To get to Ira Needles/Victoria St storm Ponds take the HWY 8 exit off the
401 in Waterloo. Travel northwest on HWY 8. Then take the HWY 7 and 8 west
to Trussler Rd, continue north on Ira Needles Rd until you hit Victoria Rd.
Park in the Harvey's parking lot.

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