[Ontbirds] Ross's Geese, Ridgetown December 11th

Ken Burrell kenard89 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 11 19:36:20 EST 2012

Hi Birders,

I was driving down, near Lake St. Clair for work today, and was able to make a small detour to the Ridgetown sewage lagoons. I didn't find the reported Blue-winged Teal, however I was pleased to see the Ross's Geese were present - though today there were 4: 3 of which appeared to be adults and 1 a juv.. 

The lagoons were pretty decent, with a smattering of other ducks present, though no 'stand-outs'. I was working in the Lake St. Clair area today and turned up some decent birds, most notably a single Common Yellowthroat, 2 Peregrine Falcons, 5 Cackling Geese, and two very interesting hybrids. The first appeared to be a Snow X Canada Goose, and the second was a brilliant male Mallard X Northern Pintail (something I had never seen before).

Directions to the Ridgetown Sewage Lagoons as per Jeremy Bensette: The Ridgetown Sewage Treatment Plant is located at the intersection of Mitton Line and Mitton Industrial Park Road, north of Ridgetown in Kent County.

For my other sightings, please email me privately, as these were seen on private property.

Ken Burrell
Waterloo ON

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