[Ontbirds] Ottawa/Gatineau - 17 January 2013 - Recent Reports

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17 January 2013

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Coverage: Ottawa/Gatineau (Canada National Capital Region) E. Ontario, W. Quebec
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A white phase GYRFALCON was seen chasing ROCK PIGEON over Hotel de Ville and Place du Portage in Hull at 1:30 on the 10th but unfortunately was not subsequently found.
The TUFTED TITMOUSE was seen in Luskville at the feeder at 119 Chemin des Hirondelles on the 10th, at the feeder at 129 Chemin des Hirondelles on the 12th and was last reported in that area on the 13th. The RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER  was seen at the feeder at 119 Chemin des Hirondelles on the 10th and was last reported at 27 Ave des Tourterelles on the 12th. It is possible both birds are still present in that area. 

The first winter male HARLEQUIN DUCK and BARROW'S GOLDENEYE continue on the Ottawa River rapids north of Bate Island just east of the Champlain Bridge. 
The extremely late RED-NECKED GREBE, present on the open water east of the Deschenes rapids since the 6th was present on the 12th. 
Gulls, which had mostly left the area during the vey cold conditions in December and early January have returned during the recent warmer weather. At the Russell dump (on Ste-Catherine Rd south of Route 400) on the 10th there were 300+ gulls on the dump or on the fields around the dump including ICELAND, GLAUCOUS, LESSER BLACK-BACKED (1), a possible imm. THAYER'S, GREATER BLACK-BACKED and HERRING GULLS. On the 12th there were GREATER BLACK-BACKED (17+), HERRING (20+), RING-BILLED (2) and GLAUCOUS (10) GULLS. There have been a small number of GREAT BLACK-BACKED and HERRING GULLS on the ice at the Moodie Dr pit.

COMMON REDPOLL and HOARY REDPOLL continue to be seen all over the Ottawa/Gatineau area. 
This report is from Constance Bay on the 16th; "This morning there was a hornmani hoary redpoll at our feeders - only my third ever. We have a flock of about 120 redpolls coming daily. I had glimpsed the hornmani on the weekend but only confirmed it today. There are at least 2 exilipes hoarys and up to 3 rostrata commons in with all if the flammea."
A HOARY REDPOLL continues to be seen occasionally at the Hilda Rd feeders.
Other interesting sighting were;
- GREATER SCAUP was seen west of Bate Island on the 10th
- SONG SPARROW and WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at a Beacon Hill feeder this week and SONG SPARROW (2) at the southern feeder at Fletcher Wildlife Gardens on the 16th
- GRAY PARTRIDGE (32) were seen in the strip of corn stalks on Giroux Rd just east of Frank Kenny Rd on the 12th
- SNOW BUNTINGS (300+) were seen at several locations on Giroux Rd and on Frank Kenny Rd near Giroux Rd on the 12th and 13th
- LAPLAND LONGSPUR (1) and HORNED LARKS (2) were seen on the s curve on Giroux Rd west of Dunning Rd on the 12th and 13th
- NORTHERN SHRIKE were seen in the Mitch Owens and Eighth line area on the 12th and on the Rockcliffe Pkwy on the 13th 
- GREEN-WINGED TEAL (male) on the melted snow at the snow dump on March Valley Rd south of Klondike Rd on the 14th
- ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK (dark phase) on the hydro poles near Rushmore Rd all week
- GOLDEN EAGLE (1st year) over the Russell lagoons on the 15th
- CAROLINA WREN continues at feeders along Britannia Rd and along the fence on the west side of the Britannia Conservation Area
- PEREGRINE FALCON (2) have been seen occasionally on the R. H. Coats building in Tunney's Pasture
- PINE GROSBEAKS (9+ mostly males) at the Duck Club feeders on March Valley Rd near Riddell Dr all week
- LAPLAND LONGSPUR (30) south east of Russell on the 16th

Thanks to everyone who contributed bird observations - Good Birding!


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