[Ontbirds] Red-headed Woodpecker, Vineland, Jan 17th

Len M fdcoboy at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 17 21:52:23 EST 2013


Since this bird was not posted today, and we just got in from a day long birdathon, I wanted to advise that the previously reported RED-HEADED WOODPECKER at 3196 Campden Road in Vineland, was observed well this morning by Peter/Caleb Scholtens, Barry Coombs, Lisa Teskey, and I. We viewed it, not at the feeder, but in the adjacent woodlot on some mostly dead and de-barked trees. Props to Barry for getting us on the bird initially.What a beauty in the bleak winter setting!

Directions courtesy of, and thanks to Nancy Smith: QEW Niagara, exit Vicoria Ave. (Reg. 24) head south, up the
 escarpment to Fly Road ( stoplight ) turn right, then left on Campden 
Road.  The house is on the west side of Campden Road just south of Young
 Street. 3196 Campden.


Len Manning III, Esq.

Hamilton, ON


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