[Ontbirds] Red-headed Wdpr., Harlequin Duck - Pickering-Whitby

Mark K scarbropengyou at yahoo.ca
Sat Jan 19 15:39:46 EST 2013

My father and I saw the Red-headed Woodpecker beside north Road north of Whitevale within about 15 seconds of getting out of the car this morning. Thanks to Doug Lockrey for telling me about this bird, and to birders who posted directions on ebird.
The Harlequin Ducks were close to shore and allowing great looks just south of the Whitby Mental Health Centre.
At Reesor Pond on Reesor Road just north of Hwy 407 there were 2 Snow Geese amidst a couple of thousand or so Canada Geese.

Directions: For RHWO, take Whitevale Road east from the Scarborough-Pickering Townline to North Road in the hamlet of Whitevale. Proceed north until a nameless road branches off slightly to the left just south of the 407. The bird was very close to the intersection of this road with North Road itself. For the Harlequins, you can take Gordon St. south from Bayly St. until you come to a stop sign. Turn left and park near the entrance to the Whitby Yacht Club. Follow the path to and along the lakeshore from here. 

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