[Ontbirds] European Greenfinch

Gabriel Smith later.yesterday at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 15:54:03 EST 2013


The European Greenfinch was still present today at the same spot as
previously reported in lambton wood. it is hanging around with a large
group of house finches and pine siskins. seen between 1215-1230pm

To get to James Gardens go to Royal York Road and Eglinton Ave West in west
Toronto. Drive south on Royal York and turn left on Edenbridge Dr. The
James Park entrance is on your right at the bottom of the hill. From the
parking lot walk south parallel to the Humber River about 0.5KM. You will
enter Lambton Woods while walking along this trail. You will see a
secondary trail on your right and look for 2 plastic bottle hanging bird
feeders and a small platform feeder. This is where the bird was seen.

Happy birding and good luck
Gabriel Smith

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