[Ontbirds] (no subject)

terry hlywka thlywka at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 16 18:27:04 EST 2013

Today I was lucky to see a large flock of Redheads 
some doing the mating dances..around the flock was a lone male 
Pintail, other birds Mute swans, Trumpeter Swans, common Mergansers,
Buffleheads and a few greater Scups.

In the bay at Lakeshore Promenade Port credit  by lake Ontario.
 427 south to browns line go south to 
Lake shore blv go west turn south on Lakeshore Promenade go south 
to the last parking lot.  
I had a plast taking over 300 shots. I could hear loons in the distance 
but didn't see any.
Happy birding 

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