[Ontbirds] Sharp Shinned Hawk and Raven - South Lake Simcoe

Paul Harpley paul at harpley.ca
Mon Feb 18 16:34:47 EST 2013

A Sharp-shinned hawk was observed perching in the Hamlet of Holt, in the 
Town of East Gwillimbury on Mount Albert Road 2 km. east of Highway 48. 
The bird was also seen to hunt north and east on the hamlet in the 
fields, and to perch in hedgerow trees and forest edges. The bird was 
observed foe 30 minutes and seemed comfortable in the area.

A Raven was seen and calling north-east of the hamlet of Zephyr. In 
white Pine dominated mixed forest near the Vivian Creek in the Zephyr 
Tract of the York Region Forest, the Raven was observed for 25 minutes 
alternately perching and flying in and between large trees. To find the 
bird follow Highway 48 north from Mount Albert to Holborn Road and turn 
right. At the York/Durham turn right and proceed south 1/4 km in the 
area of the railway line on the west side of the road was where the bird 
was frequenting.

Paul Harpley
The Zephyr Society of Lake Simcoe (www.zephyrsociety.ca)

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