[Ontbirds] Ottawa, ON: Golden Eagle

Jon Ruddy accipitriformes at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 17:46:51 EST 2013


Today (February 21), at Stony Swamp Trail in the west-end of Ottawa, I

A Golden Eagle (juvenile) being mobbed by four Common Ravens. The eagle was
coasting very, very high in the sky; I was just able to make out the white
in the primaries, white base to the under-tail, and dark axillaries enough
to confidently discount the bird being a juvenile Bald Eagle. The eagle was
coasting NW over the Stony Swamp parking lot. Had I not given Michael Runtz
such atrociously erroneous directions to the Stony Swamp P6 parking lot, he
too would have enjoyed a short but sweet view of the eagle.

Jon Ruddy

Directions*:* From Highway 416 take exit 72 (West Hunt Club Road). If
southbound, a 0.4 km offramp dumps onto West Hunt Club Road, where you will
turn right or southwest. If northbound, the 0.2 km offramp brings you to
Cedarview Road, where you will turn right or SSE onto it and in 0.2 km come
to West Hunt Club Road. Turn right or southwest onto it and in 0.4 km join
the southbound traffic. Both groups will now follow West Hunt Club
southwest for an additional 3.0 km (approx) to eventually join Old Richmond
Rd. Turn left or S onto it and drive 0.7 km to reach parking area P6. It
will be on your right.

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