[Ontbirds] Dusk Last Night - Snowy Owl and Western Grebe at Col Sam Smith

yves scholten yvesjs9 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 08:36:54 EST 2013

The female Snowy Owl was still present at Col Sam Smith at dusk
yesterday (5:15 - 6:pm), sitting on the ice.  While I watched her, she
started to move about and stretch her wings. She made one (presumed)
unsuccessful hunting attempt on the outer bank, and returned
empty-taloned to the ice. She remained a while longer and then moved
to the rocky beach at the mouth of the bay just before I departed.

The Western Grebe was still present also, though while I was present,
it dove repeatedly in the bay, then stopped and slowly swam (on the
surface) out of the bay and made some large zig-zags, heading west and
then eastward. It was about 50+ m from shore and heading southeast on
the lake when I departed. It started making a few scattered dives
again at this time.

Directions as per Geoff Carpentier yesterday: Col. Sam Smith Park is
located at the terminus of Kipling Ave. and Lakeshore Blvd. in
Toronto. When you get to the parking to walk south past the yellow
gate and then west to get to the grebe.

Cheers - Good birding.

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