[Ontbirds] RBA Buffalo Bird Report 07 Mar 2013

David Suggs dsuggs at buffaloornithologicalsociety.org
Thu Mar 7 20:04:11 EST 2013

* New York
* Buffalo
* 03/07/2013
* NYBU1303.07
- Birds mentioned

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  DSuggs at buffaloornithologicalsociety.org

  [The BOS March meeting will be on Wednesday, March 13,
  at the Museum of Science at 7 PM. David Gordon will
  present results of the region's Christmas Counts.
  Visitors are always welcome at BOS meetings.]

  Bl.-cr. Night-Heron
  Snow Goose
  Cackling Goose
  Northern Pintail
  Surf Scoter
  Bald Eagle
  Cooper's Hawk
  Rough-legged Hawk
  Thayer's Gull
  Iceland Gull
  L. Black-b. Gull
  Glaucous Gull
  Eastern Screech-Owl
  Great Horned Owl
  Barred Owl
  Short-eared Owl
  Nor. Saw-whet Owl
  Horned Lark
  American Crow
  Common Raven
  Brown Creeper
  American Robin
  Northern Shrike
  Amer. Tree Sparrow
  White-cr. Sparrow
  Oregon Junco
  Lapland Longspur
  Snow Bunting
  Common Redpoll
  Hoary Redpoll
  American Goldfinch

- Transcript
  Hotline: Buffalo Bird Report at the Buffalo Museum of Science
  Date:             03/07/2013
  Number:           716-896-1271
  To Report:        Same
  Compiler:         David F. Suggs
  Coverage:         Western New York and adjacent Ontario
  Website:          www.BuffaloOrnithologicalSociety.org

  Thursday, March 7, 2013

  The Buffalo Bird Report is a service provided by your
  Buffalo Museum of Science and the Buffalo Ornithological
  Society. To contact the Science Museum, call 896-5200. Press
  the pound key to report sightings before the end of this

  Highlights of reports received February 28 through March 7
  from the Niagara Frontier Region include FISH CROW, BARROW'S

  FISH CROWS continue to be identified by voice among AMERICAN
  CROWS on the upper Niagara River. March 2, FISH CROWS were
  heard at the foot of Hertel Avenue at Rich Marina in
  Buffalo. A pair of COMMON RAVENS also continue by the
  Niagara River on River Road in Tonawanda at the power plant
  and nearby properties.

  March 2, BARROW'S GOLDENEYE still wintering on Lake Ontario
  at Point Breeze in the Town of Carlton. SURF SCOTER also at
  Point Breeze, ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK on Route 18 in Carlton, and
  on Yates-Carlton Townline north of Route 18, 2 LAPLAND
  LONGSPURS and 15 HORNED LARKS. In Genesee County, through
  the Towns of Alabama and Bethany, numerous pairs of HORNED
  LARKS and small numbers of SNOW BUNTINGS.

  A BOS field trip on March 3 found 6 owl species in Niagara
  County. A single SNOWY OWL at the Niagara Falls airport,
  BARRED OWL and NOR. SAW-WHET OWL at Bond Lake County Park in
  Lewiston, GREAT HORNED OWL on nest in Pendleton, red-phase
  EASTERN SCREECH-OWL in a nest box in Porter, and 3 SHORT-
  EARED OWLS by Route 18 near the Porter-Wilson Townline.

  Another 3 SHORT-EARED OWLS this week on Molasses Hill Road
  at the golf course in Bethany, and multiple SHORT-EARED OWLS
  continue on Posson Road in Shelby.

  From Chautauqua County, a dozen EVENING GROSBEAKS at a
  feeder in the Town of Harmony, on Fox Road near Panama Road.
  At a Bethany feeder, HOARY REDPOLL among 45 COMMON REDPOLLS,
  COOPER'S HAWKS watching feeders this week.

  OREGON JUNCO along the entrance road to the Mid River Marina
  in Tonawanda.

  Combined reports from Goat Island in Niagara Falls - 3 BL.-
  CR. NIGHT-HERONS above the falls, and several each of
  probable THAYER'S GULL above the Three Sisters Islands, and
  a WHITE-CR. SPARROW by the parking lot.

  From the Iroquois Refuge and areas this week, along Route 77
  near Cayuga Pool, 3 SNOW GEESE and a CACKLING GOOSE, two
  active BALD EAGLE nests - at Cayuga Pool and Mohawk Pool,
  and at Swallow Hollow Trail, NORTHERN SHRIKE and a singing
  BROWN CREEPER. Through the day, March 6, high flying flocks
  of CANADA GEESE over Tonawanda.

  Arrivals this week, a pair of NORTHERN PINTAILS on the west
  Niagara River off Grand Island, and a single AMERICAN ROBIN
  in a Tonawanda yard.

  The BOS March meeting will be on Wednesday, March 13, at the
  Museum of Science at 7 PM. David Gordon will present results
  of the region's Christmas Counts. Visitors are always
  welcome at BOS meetings.

  The Bird Report will be updated Thursday evening, March 14.
  Please call in your sightings by noon Thursday. You may
  report sightings after the tone. Thank you for calling and

- End Transcript

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