[Ontbirds] Fish Crow, Waterloo March 27th

Ken Burrell kenard89 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 27 15:55:43 EDT 2013

Hi Birders,

About an hour ago, coming out of a meeting at school I saw and heard a Fish Crow along the Ring Road, near Needles Hall at the University of Waterloo.

I saw (with my bare-eyes) and heard the bird calling for close to 5 minutes, with direct comparison of several American Crow's. I've been keeping a very close eye out for this species for the past year or so (since UofG got there's) and have had 3/4 possible sightings (the last 'sighting' was in early Jan.), though this is the 1st bird I am 100% on (hence the post). The birds took off to the west, towards the Erbsville dump. 

There is a pretty insane crow roost here in Waterloo (comparable to Woodstock), so the best guess for finding this bird (or others) would be to drive the vicinity around UW in the early-late afternoon. 

There is one other (undocumented as of yet) record for Waterloo Region, otherwise this species has yet to be documented on the regional checklist.

Directions: University of Waterloo can be reached by traveling north hwy. 85, taking the University Avenue west exit (the 2nd exit). UW is about a 10 minute drive from hwy 85. To find Needles Hall, click on the following link: https://uwaterloo.ca/map/

Good Birding,
Ken Burrell
Waterloo, ON

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