[Ontbirds] Eared Grebe Ashbridges Bay, Toronto.

Paul Reeves paul at paulreeves.ca
Fri Apr 26 18:40:22 EDT 2013

Sorry folks, my title was right but my content is wrong.

It is an Eared Grebe at Ashbridges not an Eastern as I said in the original email.
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>I also saw the Eastern Grebe at Ashbridges Bay between 1:40 and 2:40pm today. He was working the western shore by the boardwalk and occasionally teamed up with a Horned Grebe. I have some photos on my website for anyone that wants to check him out.
>I have to thank some folks - sorry I don't know your names - I met at the TTP Wet Woods who told me the Grebe was at Ashbridges.
>Ashbridges Bay is in Toronto at the bottom of Coxwell Ave.
>Paul Reeves
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