[Ontbirds] Blue Grosbeak, Niagara region, June 3

JAMES HOLDSWORTH jmholdsworth at rogers.com
Tue Jun 4 15:41:33 EDT 2013


Sorry for the tardy post - I was in the field until today.

Yesterday I found a 1st alternate male Blue Grosbeak singing in what appeared to be very suitable habitat, south of Niagara Falls, just off the Niagara Parkway where Detenbeck Road terminates.

The area is late successional old field, with a heavy undergrowth of Spirea and willow thicket, some open areas and numerous standing, dead trees. The habitat recalled where I have seen this species in the American south, and I was pretty convinced this bird was territorial, but a return visit today - with extensive searching - failed to turn it up again. Still, worth another look I think.

Directions - from the Niagara Parkway, turn west onto Detenbeck Road. It terminates within 200 m. Park at the end, walk in on the ATV trail about 400 m. The old field is on the left [south] and the bird was a good 200 m in, and [be warned] it's a genuine bush-whack and there are enough ticks to last a lifetime - 57 on me was my high-count here. I don't know the ownership situation of the land in question but it was not posted.

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