[Ontbirds] Prairie Warbler - Carden

Rick Lauzon rlauzon at total.net
Fri Jun 14 23:08:52 EDT 2013

The Prairie Warbler was still on Alvar Rd this Friday morning, maybe 1km+ west of Wylie Rd.  It is in the large open area on the north side of the road, right where there are about 30' long, deep and wide, muddy tire tracks into the north-side 'field'.   There were also at least three Purple Finches in a tight group of 25' spruce, on the west side of Prospect Rd, maybe 100 metres north of the power lines.
Wylie Rd is still a mess, with very large puddles.  The biggest puddle is on (west) Alvar Rd, but they are all drivable because the road underneath is hard.  The deepest may be about 9 inches - be brave!   No Yellow Rail or Sedge Wren.  Way too much water.
Rick Lauzon, Scarborough 		 	   		  

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