[Ontbirds] Brown Pelican at Niagara Falls

Peter Burke psburke at rogers.com
Mon Jul 1 21:13:00 EDT 2013

Today my wife Dawn Burke saw a Brown Pelican above Niagara Falls twice over the period of 2 hours. The bird was first spotted about 2 pm soaring over the rapids from Dufferin Park with gulls. She watched it as her and the kids walked into town.  It was later spotted around 4 pm in roughly the same location, soaring again, a bit further downstream towards the falls as they were walking back to the vehicle. Although she didn't have binoculars with her, she's seen BRPE many times in more southern locations within their range and commented that it wasn't much bigger than a Turkey Vulture.  

Directions: She was parked in the Dufferin Isle Rd. off Niagara Parkway south of the Horseshoe Falls. The bird was observed from the walkway along the river going back north towards the Falls. 

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