[Ontbirds] Look for Great Egrets with light Blue Wing-tags

WilliamWatsonSr at aol.com WilliamWatsonSr at aol.com
Tue Jul 23 14:28:37 EDT 2013

Birders are once again being asked to be on the lookout for  wing-tagged 
Great Egrets this summer-autumn. Great Egrets were tagged earlier  this month 
at their nesting colony on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, near  Collingwood, 
Ontario (100 km NW of Toronto). This year flightless young birds  were marked 
with light BLUE tags, one on each wing. The tags are marked with two  numbers 
and a letter, e.g. 28T. 
If you see such a tagged bird, please send me the details as  to date, 
time, location, colour of the tag and the numerical-letter characters.  In past 
years, orange and green tags have also been used, so be watchful for  these 
colours as well. Some of the orange tags have faded to white…with black  
Many thanks  J 
Chip Weseloh 
Canadian Wildlife Service –Environment Canada 
Wildlife Biologist – Emeritus 
_Chip.weseloh at ec.gc.ca_ (mailto:Chip.weseloh at ec.gc.ca)  

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