[Ontbirds] On the topic of Bobwhite sightings.... south Pelham Ontario, East of the Niagara Central Airport.

Mike from Niagara birdz at mergetel.com
Sat Jul 27 16:07:25 EDT 2013

We saw a male and a female  Bobwhite  a few kilometres east of  Niagara Central Airport and EC Brown wetlands in south Pelham on April 05 2013. They were crossing the road at the corner of the golf course and a home near the Welland River road. 

There are very Incredible markings on feathers of these birds with the female showing what we felt were the more attractive colours.

A map of the Niagara Central Airport area can be found in this link.


I am making this late posting to add to James Holdworth’s July 26 2013 sighting in case someone is keeping records. 

We questioned  if they might be an escaped pair at the time and chose to not make the posting the sighting .  I did send  Mark Cranston an email after  Dan and I confirmed our pictures against official images.

Mike from North Niagara

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