[Ontbirds] WESTERN SANDPIPER @ Watford Sewage Lagoons - Lambton County

Sean Jenniskens seanjenniskens at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 19 14:48:36 EDT 2013

This morning shortly after I arrived at the lagoons at 9:50am, I spotted a Western Sandpiper foraging alongside a Least Sandpiper. At a scanning glance I presumed it was a SemipSand due to larger size and dark legs, but I quickly noticed the extra long bill, and rufous cheek, top of head, and scapulars. After some research I am sure of the species identity and as for age, I believe (could be wrong) it was a worn adult just starting its molt. It soon flew away with the other shorebirds it was with, and despite being there over 2hrs I could not relocate this bird in the 300odd individual shorebirds there.

Also of note was a single Baird's Sandpiper, Wilson's Snipe, 3Short-b dowitchers, and multiple Stilt Sandpipers. The first cell has great shorebird habitat right now.

From hw 402, take south exit onto Navoo Rd / hw79, drive straight through watford, Churchill Line should be first country road past watford, turn right onto it. The entrance to the lagoons is about 2km west when you turn onto Churchill.

WARNING: Gate to lagoons is usually closed, and a 800m walk is required to get to the lagoons from Churchill Line.

Good Birding and Good Luck!

Sean M. Jenniskens

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