[Ontbirds] Red-necked Phalaropes at Rattray Marsh

Wayne Renaud waynerenaud1951 at aol.com
Mon Aug 19 15:51:23 EDT 2013

Today I bird Rattray Marsh from 12:15 to 2:15 and found nine species  
of shorebird including three Red-necked Phalaropes.  They flew around  
2:00 pm were swimming and actively feeding about 20 meters ene of the  
outlet of marsh into Lake Ontario (near the new low carp net) when I  
left.  They were juveniles: all had a considerable amount of brown  
between the black scapulars and some light brown on the upper breast  
turning into wide streaking the sides.  Also seen: 5 Killdeer; 1  
Semipalmated Plover; 1 Greater Yellowlegs; 2 each of Lesser  
Yellowlegs; Solitary and Baird's Sandpiper; 5 Spotted Sandpiper and 10  
Least Sandpiper.  There are extensive mudflats forming as the marsh  
level drops and I would suggest regular visits would provide birders  
with a variety of shorebirds for the next two or three weeks at least.

Park at the south end of Bexhill which runs south of Lakeshore  
Boulevard between Mississauga Road and Erin Mills Parkway (ie.  
Clarkson).  The closest view of the mudflats is from the marsh outlet  
into Lake Ontario although the lookout area near the lake offers a  
more distant view.  I suggest bringing a scope.

Wayne Renaud (289-828-0043).

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