[Ontbirds] Hamilton Lakewatching - Neotropic Cormorant and other recent highlights

Holden Family holden.ontbirds at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 09:17:20 EDT 2013


A concentrated effort to turn up a Neotropic Cormorant from my Condo (301
Frances Ave in Hamilton) has turned up a noteworthy bird both yesterday and
this morning. Thankfully I managed better photos today. A link to view them
is here:


Every morning or the past several days, very large numbers of Cormorants
have amassed from Confederation Park to Sayer's Park in Hamilton. They sit
on the water for several minutes to a few hours, but eventually the entire
group slowly takes off - and large strings of birds fly east. This is how
the bird has been detected the past few mornings - looking like a Cackling
Goose among Canada Geese. It is very easy to pick out large and small
Double-crested Cormorants from the groups - but the real deal is startling
when you see it. Based on this behaviour - I can only assume the bird
roosts each day somewhere in Hamilton. Perhaps an enthusiastic observer can
find it sitting somewhere in the afternoon...

Other recent highlights include an adult Long-tailed Jaeger (Aug 18) a
first alternate Parasitic Jaeger (Aug 18), a juvenile Black Tern (Aug 17)
and two Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Aug 18 and Aug 20). A Rosy-faced
Lovebird also provided some fun on Aug 17th. A more detailed list of
sightings since August 13th can be viewed here:


Good Birding!


Brandon Holden
Hamilton, Ontario

Directions: For the Cormorant - I would suggest a very early start (by 7am)
at a good vantage point on the lakeshore (perhaps Green Rd or Fruitland Rd)
and the "fly past" usually occurs before 10am. However be warned that the
views are likely to be unspectacular beyond seeing a dark small

Exit the QEW at Fruitland Rd and follow it north to the Lake (for Fruitland
Rd). For Green Rd. - exit Fruitland Road - go north turn left onto the
North Service Road (west). Follow it 2.5km to Green Rd and turn right -
follow until you reach the lake.

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