[Ontbirds] Western Kingbird - Downsview Park, Toronto

Frank Pinilla fpinilla15 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 17:55:52 EDT 2013

Hi Ontbirders,

I am currently at the site mentioned earlier by Elias Takacs where he found the bird.  It is in exactly the spot he mentioned (small footbridge over small creek), another birder mentioned that when he arrived at 5:15 it was much closer to the parking lot with 5 or 6 Eastern Kingbirds but kept getting chased.  It is feeding and perching on small bushes and trees on the hillside left/east of the bridge.  Imagine birding for 20 years and never seeing a Western Kingbird and then seeing TWO in one year!

Good birding,
Frank Pinilla
Richmond Hill, ON

Directions as per Elias:
The park is located at the intersection of Sheppard Avenue and Keele Street in North York.  It is best accessed from Sheppard Avenue from which you will
turn on John Drury Drive and then proceed onto Canuck Avenue and park your car at the end of that street.  From there it's on foot and you have to
take a paved path that's somewhat circular and apparently also called John
Drury Drive (according to Google Maps) but in reality isn't marked...anyway you can't miss it if you come straight from the parking lot.  Just make sure you turn left as that's the shorter route to the small bridge and
small pond, although if you turn right you'll end up there as well since
it's a circular path.

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