[Ontbirds] Dark Phase Snow Goose - St. Marys

Liz Jeffery liznericjeffery at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 9 15:40:06 EDT 2013

Wed 9/10. I found this bird on the Grand Trunk Trail, in St. Marys, at 10.20am this morning. Liz and I went back with the scope at 1.45pm and it was still present, along with 226 Canada Geese. The birds are in a pasture field on the north side of the trail, beside the Thames River. This is a traditional gathering place and goose numbers will increase. Directions:- access is restricted because Hwy 7 is closed from Wildwood Conservation Area to Perth Road 139, to the west. From Hwy 8 in STRATFORD, follow Erie Street south (becomes Hwy 7) to Wildwood Conservation Area. Turn RIGHT onto Road 9 (the only option, as the Hwy ahead is closed) and proceed into St. Marys (becomes Queen Street East). From Hwy 4 at Elginfield, head EAST on Hwy 7 to Perth Road 139 and turn LEFT, through Prospect Hill and proceed into St. Marys (becomes Queen Street West). There are 3 sets of lights in town and you need the middle set. From the east , turn RIGHT onto Wellington Street North. From the west, turn LEFT onto Wellington Street North. Proceed up the hill to the very end and park. Turn left from the parking lot, onto the Grand Trunk Trail and proceed to the Trestle, over the Thames River. The pasture field is on the west side of the river. Eric Jeffery, St. Marys. 		 	   		  

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