[Ontbirds] Algonquin Park Birding Report: October 4

Richard Sigesmund rsigesmund at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 08:48:23 EDT 2013

i've seen nothing overly exciting except a few pileated woodpeckers.
thought i saw a black backed wp but i couldn't get a close enough look or
photo to confirm.
saw a sapsucker, but not sure how exciting that is.
otherwise, still a fair amount of warbler activity. lots of YRW. saw one
that i wasn't sure what it was (hate the fall warbler colours). lots of
dull yellow on it. no wingbars. basically, looked like a bar-less, larger
fall-coloured goldfinch.

On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 3:56 PM, Lev Frid <lev.frid at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Birders,
> It's been a good week for birders in Algonquin Park, with many migrants
> present as well as all the boreal specialty birds showing nicely for
> birders and photographers.
> A Surf Scoter was seen by many at Kearney Lake yesterday and was still
> there today.
> A trio of lucky birders observed and photographed a young Golden Eagle low
> over West Rose Lake on the 1st of this month. A Mourning Dove, rare in the
> park, was at the Track & Tower trailhead on the 29th. A Goshawk was
> observed over the highway this week. Northern Saw-whet Owls have been vocal
> this week, with birds being heard at km 20 yesterday and on the 27th.
> Most of the warblers have left the park, however there were still six
> species at the north end of the Mizzy Lake Trail yesterday, and a couple of
> reports of Orange-crowned there which should be increasing this week.
> Sparrow diversity and numbers are increasing.  Large mixed flocks of
> White-crowned, White-throated, Lincoln's and other sparrows are now
> becoming a regular feature in open areas like the Old Airfield at Mew Lake.
> This is the week to find Nelson's and LeConte's Sparrows, and while no
> reports have come in yet, check the Lake of Two Rivers Marsh (Nelson's) or
> the South end of the Old Airfield (LeConte's) for these two sought-after
> sparrows, which are both regular in the park at this time.
> Rusty Blackbirds have been in the Airfield almost every day, with a max of
> twenty-one birds there on the 29th. Also there, American Pipits and Horned
> Larks are increasing. This is a good time to look for Longspurs or Hoyt's
> Horned Lark amongst them.
> Spruce Grouse: A hen was on Opeongo Road on the 26th. A male was at Spruce
> Bog on the 30th, and two birds were there on October 1st. Two were seen at
> the north end of the Mizzy Lake Trail on 1st. Two were seen at Opeongo Road
> on the 1st as well.
> Gray Jay: A pair of birds were at the Logging Museum on the 25th. Reports
> from the North end of Mizzy Lake trail of these birds were made almost all
> week.
> Boreal Chickadee: A grand total of six birds were found in two flocks at
> the north end of the Mizzy Lake trail yesterday. These are quite vocal now.
> Black-backed Woodpecker: One was at the Logging Museum on the 25th. On the
> 27th, a bird was at the Algonquin Logging Museum. On Oct 1st, a bird was at
> the Two Rivers trail.
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> Algonquin Park Bird Records account (APPbirds). We encourage you
> to do so.
> Good Birding!
> Lev Frid
> Group Education Technician
> Algonquin Provincial Park, ON
> Algonquin Provincial Park is three hours north of Toronto, via Highways
> 400,
> 11 and 60. Follow the signs which start in Toronto on Highway 400.
> From Ottawa, take Highway 17 to Renfrew, then follow Highway 60 to the
> park.
> Kilometre markers along Highway 60 in the Park go from the West Gate (km 0)
> to near the East Gate (km 56).
> Get your park permit and the park tabloid (with a map of birding
> locations mentioned
> here) at the gates. Locations are also described at:
> www.algonquinpark.on.ca
> The Visitor Centre and restaurant at km 43 are open daily from 9 am to 5
> pm. The Visitor Centre has recent bird sightings and information.
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