[Ontbirds] Brown Booby

Willie D'Anna and Betsy Potter dannapotter at roadrunner.com
Sat Oct 12 10:14:53 EDT 2013

The Booby has not been seen since early this morning (on the Reef
Lighthouse), as far as I have heard.  In addition to Donnelly’s pier and the
Reef Lighthouse, the Booby has also been seen a few times on the piers of
the International Railroad Bridge over the Niagara River.  Seeing the bird
there would allow much closer viewing than the other two roosting spots.
The International Railroad Bridge is about 2 miles downriver from the Peace
Bridge.  On the Ontario side, it can be viewed from the Niagara River
Parkway.  From the NY side it can be viewed from Squaw Island Park.  From
the intersection of Rt 266 (Niagara St) and Rt 265 (Tonawanda St) in
Buffalo, go north on Rt 266 about ¼ mile and turn left immediately after the
adult book store.  This access road crosses the Black Rock Canal on the side
of a Railroad bridge.  After crossing the canal, continue straight ahead to
the river where you can see the International Railroad Bridge.


Good luck!



Willie D'Anna

Betsy Potter

Wilson, NY


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