[Ontbirds] Kawartha CBC, Fenelon Falls, December 28,'13

Dan Bone dan.bone at xplornet.com
Mon Dec 30 21:23:36 EST 2013

Kawartha Christmas Bird Count, Fenelon Falls:

The Numbers:
 DATE: 28/12/2013;  PARTICIPANTS: 25; WEATHER: 0 to 1 degree C, overcast 
with some mist; SPECIES RECORDED: 44  (just below average of 46-- low of 39 
species, high of 54 species recorded in the last 10 years). INDIVIDUAL BIRDS 
RECORDED: 3539 (a ten year low)

New to the count: A female Lesser Scaup in the river just above the dam in 
downtown Fenelon Falls.

Good sightings:
2 Barred Owl for a ten year high--previous high, last ten years- 1
139 Purple Finch for a ten year high--previous high, last 10 years- 61)
2 Red-winged Blackbird--4th time recorded in last 10 years 4 Bald Eagle. 
Above average if we eliminate 2006 when we had 47
1 White-throated Sparrow--3 times in last 10 years
2 Gray Jay-- seems to be maintaining a stable population but in lower 
numbers than previous years.
19 Common Redpoll

New lows, last 10 years:
1 Golden-crowned Kinglet, previous low- 2 in 2005
2 House Sparrow, previous low- 3 in 2011

Notable misses:
Snowy Owl. There are hundreds of Snowy Owls in Southern Ontario this winter 
but none seen in our circle so far. Snowy Owl has never been recorded on the 
Kawartha CBC. We thought this might be the year.

Northern Shrike. This is the only the second time in the last 10 years we 
have missed.
Pine Siskin. Missed for the first time in the last 10 years.

Fenelon Falls is a 2 hour drive north east of Toronto in the southern part 
of the Land Between.

Dan Bone, Kawartha Field Naturalists 

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