[Ontbirds] King Eiders at Hamilton/Burlington Ship Canal& Stoney Creek, January 1st/14

Len M fdcoboy at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 1 18:11:22 EST 2014

Hello Ontbirders,

Have spent the entire day in the field and did not see these birds posted as of yet, so I wanted to give the heads up for those that will be in the area to start off the birding year.

During our stop at the Hamilton/Burlington Lift Bridge/Ship Canal this morning while checking for a previously seen female KING EIDER, we discovered in close proximity to this bird, a second female KING EIDER. The birds were with White-winged Scoters, and were viewed from the Hamilton side of the ship canal under the skyway bridge, and viewed in Halton waters(burlington side of the canal). Photographs obtained.

A stop at the lake end of Millen Road in Stoney Creek, netted another female KING EIDER viewed in the lake east of the rock jetty.Photos obtained. This makes for at least 3 King Eiders in the Hamilton Study area at this time. 

Directions for Ship Canal:QEW Niagara bound, get off at Eastport Drive and continue on Eastport and drive over the lift bridge and canal. On your right, a fenced area with a parking lot awaits you. Park and walk out to the lake end of the pier here and check all the duckies.

To Millen Road: QEW Niagara bound, get off at Centennial Parkway exit, turn left towards the lake and turn right on North Service Road. Travel east until you hit Millen Road, turn left to the lake and stop at the parkette here. Look around until you see something. Maybe an Eider.

Happy New Year

Len Manning and for:
Lisa Teskey
Andrew Don
Peter Scholtens
Caleb Scholtens
Joanne Redwood

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